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  • Potter Seconds Mystery Bag

Potter Seconds Mystery Bag

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The Potter seconds bags will feature a mystery selection of 5 of the designs from our Potter collection! You'll receive a mixture of the pins in the photograph - the bags may also contain the old style of Shedrbet Lemon pins as well as the black or white versions of the nitwit pin!

You'll receive 1 A grade pin and 4/5 seconds pins.

For £13, you'll receive £25 worth of goodies! Perfect for starting your collection.

Limited to 12 bags. All pins in each bag are unique, you will not receive doubles in one bag.

Bags may include our sold out spectrespecs or Weasley pins!


- "Seconds pins" are slightly flawed pins that may contain scratches, dents, over or under filled enamel, chipped enamel etc

- As you are knowingly purchasing a selection of flawed items, which will be sold as a mystery bag, refunds and returns are not accepted on these items.